Le Donjon

Au Sauna G.i. Joe   /   At the Sauna G.i. Joe

Sauna GI JOE remains among other things 
the best place to meet the hottest fetish enthusiasts in Montreal. Men come here to find others to live out their hottest fantasies.

We are both the new owners and administrators since Decembre-2012

The The Donjon, open since October 1st, 2015, was created following a repeated and growing demand for this kind of fantasy space. The Donjon is for private sexual games, without compromise.

The Master (renter) can choose from our many clients to join him in the Donjon, or have his own private party with those he invites for the entire rental period.

Rental cost is for two persons...(plus those of our clients that the renter wishes to join him)

We encourage condom use, which is why it is free in unlimited quantities, be safe and vigilant, have fun but protect yourself !

About of Donjon